What is the process of stem cell treatment?

The first step is an initial consultation – in person, via mail or on the phone. When communicating via email, medical reports or results of MRI, CT and laboratory examinations should be sent. The patient’s condition will be consulted by doctors from different medical fields and treatment possibilities will be suggested. Patient will undergo initial laboratory tests 7–10 days before the application. Patient also fills out a questionnaire about medications taken, allergies, surgical procedures or diseases. The decision whether any medications should be excluded prior to application is assessed individually.

On the day of the application, patient comes to the Malacky Hospital in the morning. The staff accompanies the patient to the Special ward. There the patient or his/her legal representative completes the administrative admission. The medical staff will explain the whole application process and give all the necessary information to the patient.

In the patient’s room, the nurse will check the patient’s temperature, blood pressure, pulse and oxygen saturation. This is followed by the patient’s actual blood collection. Blood is taken for the preparation of plasma, which serves as a carrier for the stem cells, as well as for the donor’s and recipient’s follow-up laboratory tests on the day of administration. In case of a restless patient or a child who requires special treatment, a sedative syrup may be administered to calm them down. After inserting the cannula into the vein, a drug containing corticosteroids is administered as an immunosuppressant – dosage depends on the weight and age of the patient to prevent an allergic reaction.


Rooms with beds for patients

Preparation and application containing stem cells

Intravenous (IV application – into a vein)
Preparation of the product containing stem cells takes approx. 40 – 50 min. It is immediately given to the patient. Intravenous application (into the vein) then takes approx. 30 – 40 min. This is followed by administering Dexamethasone again (dosage according to the weight and age of the patient). Patient then remains in bed for approximately 2 – 3 h for observation by professional medical staff.

Intrathecal application (IT – into the spinal canal)
is possible if the patient’s haemocoagulation results are standard. The preparation of the product containing stem cells takes approx. 50 – 60 min. It is given to the patient as soon as possible in the operating room, under strictly aseptic conditions, under local anaesthesia with 1% mesocaine using an atraumatic needle in the L3-L5 region. 1 – 2 ml of mesenchymal stem cells are injected (dosage according to the age and weight of the patient). Before the procedure, the doctor (anaesthesiologist) explains the procedure to the patient and introduces the stem cells directly into the spinal canal. The intrathecal injection is performed before or after previous injection of stem cells into the vein. If it is performed before the injection into the vein, the patient is first given Dexamethasone (dosage according to the age and weight of the patient) After the procedure, the patient is taken to a room where he/she must lie on his/her back for 3 – 4 hours to avoid post-puncture complications. After the injection, the patient remains monitored for several hours or overnight in the hospital under medical supervision. The patient is discharged and may go home after 4 hours at the earliest.

Number and interval between two applications
The interval between two applications varies from a few days to some weeks according to the diagnosis and the doctor’s instructions. The number of applications may vary depending on the patient and the diagnosis. The effectiveness of the treatment varies from patient to patient depending on the type of disease or impairment. A combination of the applications with appropriate rehabilitation or stay in the hyperbaric chamber is recommended. Depending on the disease, the use of nutritional supplements may be suggested to enhance the benefits of stem cell therapy.

Local applications
Local applications are carried out in cooperation with the Malacky Hospital. The patient makes an appointment for an initial consultation at the surgical ambulance at an exact time via the call centre +421 34 28 29 700.
In case of local applications (joints and chronic wounds) you can find all the necessary information on the website