Why we offer orthomolecular counselling

Clients of our centre who undergo stem cell injections or other therapies with us have had the opportunity to benefit from orthomolecular counselling for several years as part of a holistic approach to their health issues. The results achieved and the satisfaction of our clients convinced us it is essential to offer this service to a wider range of interested parties.

How we offer orthomolecular counselling

We offer counselling in the form of a face-to-face consultation as a part of communication with the client on the day of therapy and then via email. This provides sufficient time to familiarize the client with the issue, the possibilities of supporting therapy and to send detailed information about the proposed treatments. Naturally, we ensure a long-term contact with the clients, an individual approach and answers to their questions.

What is orthomolecular medicine

Orthomolecular medicine focuses on preventing and supporting the pharmacological treatment of a disease, influencing the aging process and preserving vitality and quality of life until old age by providing the optimal number of substances that are naturally necessary and essential for the body. These include vitamins, minerals, trace elements, enzymes, amino acids, essential fatty acids, plant extracts, antioxidants, fibre, probiotics, prebiotics and other compounds.

If the body is not provided with necessary substances in sufficient quantities, our quality of life deteriorates (fatigue, lack of concentration, memory impairment), various health problems begin to occur and both common and more serious diseases gradually develop (diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, depression, neurological disorders, oncological diseases, musculoskeletal disorders, and other disorders).

The aim of orthomolecular medicine is to optimize the environment and induce balance in the body through minerals, vitamins, trace elements, amino acids and natural substances. Orthomolecular medicine includes prevention and optimization of pharmacotherapy in the treatment of some chronic and degenerative diseases. The effects of free radicals, exposure to toxic substances (industrial chemicals, heavy metals, solvents, food additives), or frequent or chronic inflammation result in the aging of the body. Slowing down this process is another goal of orthomolecular medicine.