Mr Atilla

A ruptured aorta had him bedridden. After the stroke, he did not speak or move. He lost 50 kilograms and was confined to bed for more than three-quarters of the year. The medical prognosis was not exactly optimistic; there was no sign of improvement.

He underwent stem cell injection twice.

One year after the stem cell injection, Attila literally has a new life.

“Now I can eat by myself with cutlery, read texts or write anything. At the beginning of my rehabilitation, I walked less than a hundred steps on the Lokomat, today it is a lot more.”

The story of Honzik

Two-year-old Honzik fell into a pond on his bicycle where he was drowning for several minutes. For 3 weeks they had to put him on a breathing apparatus, the doctors’ prognoses were the worst, it seemed that Honzik would stay in this condition. He was in a vegetative state where the body was functioning, but the brain was not and his condition was deteriorating.

Honzik and his parents did not give up and thanks to the application of his own preserved stem cells and subsequent repeated applications of donated stem cells, stays in the hyperbaric chamber and intensive rehabilitations, Honzik is a new person.

He is cheerful, he laughs, his motor skills are improving, he started using sign language and he is starting to express himself vocally. With the help of his mother, he is taking his first steps.

The story of Lukáško

One year old boy Lukáško was drowning in the swimming pool. For 10 days he was in an artificial sleep, he could not move, he received food through a probe in his stomach, he could not see.

After staying in the hyperbaric chamber, rehabilitations and repeated stem cell injections, Lukáško is starting to walk with support, to gradually live a normal life, he is making great progress.

Mr. Vlach

A 60-year-old man became was bedridden after suffering a stroke. The prognosis according to the doctors was that he would no longer be able to recognise his family, he would be unable to live without assistance and would remain bedridden. Mr. Vlach underwent 2 stem cell injections and intensive rehabilitations. Thanks to this, he is walking without assistance, his perception and speaking have improved.

Stem cell therapy with autism

Stem cell therapy with autism

Good morning beautiful team, Just wanted to share with you what school sayed yesterday. NEVER received a feedback like this. I believe it's a result of your efforts. THANK YOU! Looking forward for more gains. Have a lovely day.

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Stem cell therapy for joints